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North Devon beaches

Enjoy the summer in North Devon beaches There is an awesome beach that you should visit when you have summer holiday. North Devon beaches can become your favourite destination that you could always visit when summer is coming. Visiting beaches is always a fun things to do with family or friends since people can swim or just laying around the beaches and enjoy the summer sunlight. Make body become full tan also a great things to do for several people. In North Devon beaches, many things that people can do. They can swim on the beach, surfing, or play a volley ball. People will like to visit North Devon beaches to enjoy the summer holiday that they have. Many people would like to choose to visit North Devon beaches for their summer. If you decide to visit North Devon beaches, don’t forget to bring your swimming suit and a sunblocks to cover your skin.

Mynydd Drumau

Mynydd Drumau In English, Mynydd Drumau means by Mointain of the Ridges. Mynydd Drumau is a mountain that located in South Wales and lying on the border between Swansea and the County of Neath Port Talbot. If you want to go for hiking during your holiday, maybe you can visit Mynydd Drumau. Many hikers will recommend you to try this mountain for your hiking adventure. This mountain height is 892. It is not to high for you to hike if you don’t feel like hiking in a mountain that too high. Mynydd Drumau can become the best destination for people who decide to go hiking for their holiday. By going to this mountain, people will be able to get a good view that they can’t get in another mountain. They can also feel the nice weather and the cool air that can be feel in this mountain. Never regret your decision to visit this mountain.

Watermouth Castle

Watermouth Castle There is a building in England that you can visit when you have a plan to visit England. Watermouth Castle is a building that you can visit when you go to England for your holiday. This building is located near the shore of the inlet of Watermouth, near ilfracombe, Devon. There is a lot of things that you can see inside the Watermouth Castle. You can see a lot of victorian antique collection inside the castle. These victorian furniture is come from people who used to live inside the castle. And this castle was left with the victorian furniture still stay inside the building. The government there decide to not touch anything to keep the originality of the building. But they keep maintaining the building so tourist or native people are able to see the condition of the castle and the victorian theme furniture that stay inside the Watermouth Castle building. In Watermouth, the government is not only open the Watermouth Castle that can attract a lot of people to visit this place. The government also make a theme park that can attract more people to come and visit this place. The government will do their best to maintain the theme park and the Watermouth Castle so people will be able to tell to their descendants to come and visit this place. People will be able to learn a bit about history of the Watermouth Castle. And if people need more entertainment, they can visit the theme park that located near the Watermouth Castle. There are a lot of things that people can do in the theme park near the Watermouth Castle. People can visit the theme park with their family and enjoy their holiday with full of laugh and lessons that they can get from the place.